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Claim Leader is a software and technology company providing web-based workflow solutions for insurance, independent auto appraisal, and third-party administration companies.

Claim Leader’s advanced and intuitive applications provide real-time, centralized access to claims data in an integrated web based platform. Insurance claims adjusters and independent appraisal companies can streamline their claims assignments workflow, reduce cycle time, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are designed with a variety of integrated features to simplify the workflow process of auto claims management. Files and data can be exchanged from your home office, or remotely from the field to insurance partners or your central office. Claim Leader management tools allow users to sort workload, pinpoint files for review, identify outstanding assignments and streamline workflow.


The most advanced claims processing system designed for insurance and independent appraisal companies. Claim Leader will allow you to manage all assignments from start to finish. Providing management on all auto,truck, and property assignments in one centralized location. Please contact us to schedule a demo.

Some benefits of Claim Leader include:

  • Assign new claims to appraisers based on geographic location.
  • Provide real time status tracking between appraiser and admin.
  • Electronically upload estimates, reports, images.
  • Payroll management for appraisers.
  • Track appraiser cycle time.
  • Accessible anywhere by internet.

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  • Scren Shot of the Claims Appraisal System
  • Scren Shot of the Claims Appraisal System
  • Scren Shot of the Claims Appraisal System
  • Scren Shot of the Claims Appraisal System
Web Based Access

Web Access

Claim Leader allows access to all users via internet.

Invoicing and Payroll

Invoicing & Payroll

Claim Leader allows your office to quickly and accurately create invoices and appraiser payout reports. No more spreadsheets needed to track your accounting.

Assignment Dispatch

Assignment Dispatch

Assign claims to field appraisers based on geographic location. Simply, enter zip code and choose appraiser within the closest proximity to handle the assignment.

/// Streamline Your Claims

By streamlining your end-to-end work flow, Claim Leader gives a clear view into what work has to be completed.

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